Mental Capability Assessment: Procedure

Subject to vacation etc. I can usually schedule a mental capability evaluation within a week or two. I normally produce a draft report within a couple of working days of the assessment.

If you are working with a lawyer, it is usually helpful if the lawyer can contact me, to be sure that I understand exactly what medicolegal question is being asked. I don’t want to waste your time and money by answering the wrong question.

For payment, if a lawyer gives me an email saying they will pay, I bill after the assessment and report is complete. If a patient or family member is paying themselves, I request payment by cheque at the time of the assessment. In this case I estimate the amount and if it is more or less than my estimate, we settle up. I charge for travel beyond the Vancouver city limits, and I now live in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast and charge a fixed fee for travelling to Vancouver, which I do regularly.  Please contact me for my current hourly rate and a cost estimate.

Typically I will need factual information in the area being assessed. If the question is whether a person is competent to manage their finances, for example, I will need factual information including their net worth, monthly income, monthly expenses, etc.

Please contact me any time at 604-788-4037, or via email at

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