My Books

I’ve written three, Forbidden Food (2015) about healthy eating mythology, A Bitter Pill (2009) about health care of the elderly, and Protocols in Primary Care Geriatrics (two editions, 1991 and 1997) a short textbook for professionals.

2 Responses to My Books

  1. Judith Hunt says:

    Thanks so much for this Dr Sloan.

    An aunt of mine, years ago, had circulation problems and was told to cut out eggs and red meat, bacon and some other foods. A few years later she become so anemic that she was rushed to hospital where she was immediately given 4 units of whole blood, followed by another unit a bit later. She had followed the ‘rules’ she had been given, those rules may have been part of the cause of her anemia.

    I have ordered your book, via, from the Book Depository in the UK. I hope this means you will get a little money on the deal.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Bryan Senft says:

    Dr. Sloan,
    I commend you for the good work you are doing. Our politicians are poor representatives of our universal care system. There are solutions to the problems that face us in the future. It is only by people like you that can eventually influence the government to make absolutely necessary changes to the health system. I wish you the very best in your uphill battle.

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