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I was born in 1947, am married to Robin, and we have three children all born in the 1980s. I now live outside Vancouver at Roberts Creek. Some of my non-medical interests are philosophy, cooking, wine, reading fiction, and bluegrass banjo. I spent a year in France in the early 90s, and go back to that wonderful country as often as I can.

I’m from Vancouver, and went to school on the west side (Maple Grove, Point Grey, and Magee). I stayed in Vancouver after high school, studying at the University of British Columbia. My undergraduate degrees are in English with a philosophy “minor” (I took some courses), and then Biology. I’m an arts type, and science doesn’t come easily. I guess partly for that reason, I got into medical school (UBC again) on my fourth try, and accumulated three other degrees in the process. I did my internship in Newfoundland.

I was in general practice in Vancouver for 15 years or so, before switching to full-time care of the elderly at home. I’m trying to support care of the elderly in my new home on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

Here are a few photos.







Robin, Gord, Geoff, Sal, me.

07 Sloan Stone Patio8x10

Roberts Creek


captivating an audience

2 Responses to Personal Stuff

  1. Paula Sheppard says:

    Heard you on CFAX ,so I had to read your book, thank you. I am going to strongly suggest to every doctor I see that they should read it ,as well as my friends who have a|
    ” frail” family member. I recognized the state my mother is in after reading the book and realize the conversation I and my siblings must have sooner than later.Once again thank you
    Paula Sheppard

  2. Thanks for a great presentation this morning at the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers Annual Conference in Seattle!

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